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Seven tricks to strengthen teeth and gums

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17/01/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Our mouth has a series of elements to keep our teeth in good condition.
The care of these barriers enables us to keep our teeth and gums healthy as long as possible and avoid illnesses such as tooth decay, periodontitis and even more serious complications.
One of the main protection elements lies in their external layer, their enamel, which helps to protect them from tooth decay.
The wearing down of enamel over time is normal, but there is a series of things that we can do to keep that natural barrier healthy and strong in a proactive manner.
We provide you with seven tricks to strengthen your teeth:

  1.  Limit sugary food and drinks
    Bacteria in your mouth feeds off sugar from food and drinks. It is subsequently transformed into acids, which soften and wear down enamel.
    Refreshments with artificial sweeteners are a more intelligent option than those containing sugar, but they also contain acids that will wear down the enamel over time.
  2.  Eat foods that protect enamel
    Calcium in food counteracts acid in your mouth that causes tooth decay. It also helps to keep bones and teeth strong. Food such as milk, cheese and other dairy products help to protect and strengthen enamel.
  3. Do not brush your teeth vigorously
    Enamel can wear down if you brush too quickly and energetically. It is advisable to use a brush with soft bristles at an angle of approximately 45 degrees with respect to the margin of the gums. You should make short soft movements forwards and backwards.
  4.  Use fluoride
    Fluoride strengthens enamel and helps to repair the first stages of tooth decay. It also makes teeth more resistant to the acids from food and bacteria.
    We recommend that you use toothpaste with fluoride as soon as the first tooth appears, throughout your whole life.
  5.  Treat stomach acid and eating disorders
    Severe stomach acidity leads stomach acids to escape and reach the mouth, where they can erode the enamel.
    Repeated vomiting is also another threat for enamel.
  6. Be careful with a dry mouth
    Saliva helps to eliminate the food and bacteria that can cause tooth decay. It also combats the effects of acidic foods. It is important to drink water often to keep your mouth clean and moist.
  7.  Avoid grinding your teeth
  8. Clenching or grinding your teeth as a habit, especially at night-time, is known as bruxism and it is something that, over time, can wear down enamel and even have consequences that go beyond oral health.

Aside from these tricks to keep your teeth strong and healthy, it is essential to take care of your gums, since they join the teeth to the alveolar bone, that is, they prevent the teeth from moving from their place. To keep your gums hard and healthy, the main thing is to keep bacterial plaque at bay, which is the main cause of gum-related diseases, through a full oral hygiene routine.
Lastly, do not forget to attend your dentist regularly to have your teeth checked and detect possible problems, such as the presence of tooth decay or the habit of teeth-grinding, before such problems cause greater damage.


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