Quality and environmental policy

Adeslas Dental is a company that provides odontological services, in which our service quality, concern for the dental health of our patients and commitment to society and respect for the environment are fundamental elements to effectively carry on our activities and continually improve and sustain the success of our organisation.

Our commitment is to offer odontological services that provide a response to customer expectations, by providing an attainable and efficient service at the highest level.

To ensure efficient compliance with these activities, Management has established a Management Operating System (MOS), which covers the full provision of odontological services to patients, as one of the company’s strategic axes, whose purpose is to fully satisfy patients, guaranteeing environmental conservation at the same time. The MOS establishes the guidelines for Adeslas Dental’s procedures, whose basic principles are as follows:

  • The patient is the objective focus of our activity, so effectiveness, rigour and responsibility in our healthcare constitute our work ethics. The system is managed taking into account the patient, maintaining a clear open dialogue, informing them with transparency and striving to place itself in their shoes, to more efficiently embrace their needs and concerns, providing an agile adequate response to their needs and expectations, even anticipating their demands. As a result:
    – The service offered to the patient guarantees their interests, both in the healthcare and economic sphere.
    – The company aspires to achieve excellence in patient care, both in terms of health and from a human aspect, as a company focused on the patient.
  • The needs and expectations of other interested parties are identified, understood and satisfied. Compliance with all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the different processes is included.
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention are guaranteed, minimising the impacts arising from its odontological activities (waste management, ionising radiation, etc.), improving environmental performance on an ongoing basis, through the streamlining of the consumption of natural resources and energy, promoting their efficient use and encouraging the use of the best technologies available that enable these optimisation objectives to be attained.
  • Employees are considered to be one of the company’s main assets. Employee training, awareness-raising and motivation is promoted to attain customer satisfaction and to minimise the environmental incidence of the procedures conducted at the clinics.
  • Sustainability criteria are applied in the performance and exercise of the activities at all the clinics and central offices.
  • Opportunities to continually improve are sought as a principle to guide the conduct of all members of Adeslas Dental, identifying and eliminating the possible causes of defects or shortcomings in processes, thereby contributing to the increased effectiveness of its activities.

To implement these guidelines, Adeslas Dental and, specifically, its Management, ensure the necessary resources to comply with that established in the Management Operating System, adopting this Policy as a reference framework to establish and review the MOS objectives and meet the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, involving the different strata of the company and developing its skills and capacities through training, transferring the competences and mechanisms necessary to comply with the various functions.

To verify the degree of company compliance with these principles, the MOS Committee, within Adeslas Dental’s Management, frequently establishes, analyses and reviews the MOS objectives.

Dental Centre Area Management

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