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Dental insurance policies available


The only dental insurance policy in which, the longer the duration, the less you pay.

  • Over 185 Adeslas Dental clinics and over 1,600 odontologists.
  • Comprehensive prevention, orthodontics, odontopaediatrics, implants and dental aesthetics service.
  • Tailored financing.
  • Latest technology methods: 3D diagnosis, advanced implantology and invisible orthodontics.

It is aimed at those customers that need to immediately access treatments or receive long-term treatment, such as orthodontics and implantology.

All the advantages that DENTAL MAX offers and, in addition:

  • Three-year prepaid insurance policy*.
  • Full dental coverage.
  • Immediate access to treatments.
  • Dental acts at no cost to the insured.
  • Greater discount on orthodontic treatments and implants.


Smile and have no worries! By taking out any of our insurances, Dental Max or Dental Total, you will have access to a unique promotion: We give you €50 back when you take out your dental insurance!**


The prices of a dental insurance vary depending on the coverage, services, benefits and number of policyholders you include, among other factors. At Adeslas Dental you will find a plan that suits your needs. If you are a family, the price per policyholders reduces the more plans you include. In our own clinics you will have payment facilities and you will be able to access the most popular treatments and tests. You can calculate how much your insurance will cost you by clicking on the buttons at the top of this page.

Adeslas Dental Max and Adeslas Dental Total cover a variety of services from day one, including diagnostic consultations, mouth cleaning, fluoridation, radiology studies, post-treatment check-up visits, oral health education, dental services and dental emergencies. Get to know all the coverage of Adeslas Dental Max and Adeslas Dental Total.

When you sign your dental insurance with Adeslas Dental you can save on your dental expenses for the whole family, depending on the use you make of your policy to prevent oral diseases and the treatments you need. For example, for an Invisalign orthodontic treatment with Adeslas Dental Total, the savings can be more than €1,000 if you are insured. Find out the price of other treatments with Adeslas Dental Total.

Yes, when you purchase a dental insurance, you get access with no additional cost to all the essential services for prevention, such as check-ups, diagnostic tests, dental cleanings, etc. Furthermore, you will have discounts on dental treatments, offering you the possibility to finance them conveniently if necessary. Click on the buttons above to calculate how much dental insurance costs.

If you want to take out a dental insurance, the easiest and fastest way is to call 918863895. The advisors will assist you and answer your questions about the insurance and policy.