10/09/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why have my gums gone black?

Keeping your gums in a good state is very important for our oral health and aesthetics, since their function is to keep teeth in ...
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27/08/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Oral HPV: what is it and what are the symptoms?

The papillomavirus (also known by its abbreviation HPV) is one of the oldest viruses known. During its long evolution, the human papillomaviruses have ...
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23/06/2020 | | admin_adeslas

How long does a phlegmon last?

A gumboil is inflammation or swelling that appears on your face, extends under the skin and may cause a notable deformation. This inflammation of ...
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09/06/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why may there be blood in my saliva?

One of the times that this may happen is when we brush and spit and we find blood-tinged saliva. The presence of blood in ...
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21/05/2020 | | admin_adeslas

The ten most common oral health diseases

Discovering which possible dental problems are the most common and their causes may be a great help for their prevention. Here is a list ...
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14/05/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why have my gums gone purple?

Generally, gums are pink, but sometimes they develop black or dark brown marks or they may become redder or purple. Various things can cause ...
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25/02/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Dental fistula: causes and treatment

What is a dental fistula? A dental fistula is a small channel formed from the infected area of the tooth, which usually coincides with the ...
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28/11/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Vitamins and minerals required for healthy teeth

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals may naturally strengthen dental enamel and can also protect teeth against food and drinks that cause dental ...
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12/09/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Inflamed palate: causes, symptoms and treatment

The palate is the roof of the mouth, which separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity. It consists of a hard frontal area, ...
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27/08/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Pregnancy risks: dry mouth symptom

Hormonal changes and increased water intake requirements during pregnancy can cause a dry mouth. A dry mouth is a very common symptom during pregnancy. ...
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