Discreet practically invisible solution to correct the position of teeth and enjoy a new smile.


This treatment is for you if…

You want to align your teeth comfortably without wearing brackets.

What is invisible orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics is a new advanced treatment that manages to correct dental defects without the need to use classical brackets. The invisible orthodontics technique is based on the creation of aligners or transparent mouth guards that adjust perfectly and individually to each of the teeth.

This modern treatment has become the most used alternative by those patients that do not want to wear brackets and are searching for a solution to their problems regarding deviations in the position of their teeth, crowding, overbite, etc.

The greatest progress of this treatment and the big difference with conventional orthodontics is that the aligners are not fixed nor are they going to be attached to the teeth so they can be removed to eat and brush teeth. Furthermore, they are made of a transparent material that makes them very discreet and practically invisible at first sight.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

Just as with conventional orthodontics using brackets, invisible orthodontics seek to recover the balance between the mouth function and the distribution of teeth, together with the best dental aesthetics.

This type of orthodontics has advantages that make it one of the best and most desired orthodontic solutions:

  • Better aesthetics and more discretion. That is one of the greatest advantages for many patients. The transparent aligners are virtually imperceptible since, in in most cases, the transparent mouth guard is the only thing required. This means that this treatment is the most aesthetic and discreet that currently exists, since it achieves great results without affecting the patient’s smile and appearance.
  • Best oral hygiene. To prevent damage and wear and tear, mouth guards must be taken off before each meal or to clean and brush teeth. This fact becomes a great advantage, since it prevents food remains from becoming trapped in the aligners, unlike traditional brackets, which enables optimum dental hygiene during the correction process.
  • Comfort during treatment. Another of the great advantages of this system is that the aligner is not attached to the teeth. Since it is not fixed, the patient can take it out for a few minutes a day. However, it is true that to obtain an optimum result in a certain time, it is recommended that the aligners are worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day.
  • Less discomfort during the treatment. Invisible orthodontics use a modern technique that adjusts the position of the teeth in a softer, although quicker way, than classic treatments. This creates less discomfort and pain for the patient during the dental alignment and correction process.
  • Avoid tooth decay. Just like other treatments, since the teeth are correctly positioned, it helps them to fit perfectly, protecting their enamel from wearing down as a result of a bad bite and variations.

Invisible orthodontics treatment phase

The invisible orthodontics treatment uses the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to correct the dental problems in a more accelerated period of time in most cases than the classic processes.

Although it depends on each case, this treatment usually obtains the best results between nine and eighteen months, on average. These are the phases through which a patient with invisible orthodontics usually passes:

1. First appointment and check-up. In the first place, it is necessary to request an appointment with a specialist in invisible orthodontics, to assess whether this type of treatment is suitable to resolve the dental problems and disorders of each patient.

2. Scanner or 3D mould. Once the study has been approved and the treatment assessed, through an advanced 3D scanner, images and models of the mouth are taken to perform a virtual projection. This is one of the main characteristics of invisible orthodontics since, through the use of the most modern technology, the specialist can perform a specific exact projection of how long the treatment will last.

3. Preparation of transparent aligners. Thanks to the latest progress in 3D printing, made-to-measure transparent retainers are created to correct positioning problems in the patient’s teeth.

4. These aligners will be frequently changed. Each aligner corresponds to a treatment phase until teeth are perfectly aligned.

5. Frequent check-ups and appointments during the treatment. Approximately once a month, the patient will have to attend their clinic so that the specialist analyses how the correction process is going. In these appointments, the aligners are usually replaced and the following weeks of treatment projected.

6. Enjoy a new smile. Once the invisible orthodontics treatment ends, the patient will enjoy a completely new smile. Thanks to invisible orthodontics, it will improve the dental health of the patient and their way of smiling to the world.


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