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How to improve the appearance of your smile?

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06/12/2018 | | admin_adeslas

Having a big attractive smile can do wonders. It is contagious and the mere fact of smiling, even if you feel sad, can lift your mood.

The problem is when one feels unhappy or even ashamed of their smile, be it due to broken, twisted or stained teeth or even bad breath.

Here we provide you with some tips to solve the problem and recover that dazzling smile.

  • Brushing your teeth and using dental floss are vital to preserve your smile. It is necessary to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, without forgetting the back of your teeth. The daily use of dental floss is as important as brushing to reach those areas that brushing cannot reach.
  • Strong teeth are necessary to eat well and eating well is necessary to have strong teeth. Raw and fresh vegetables help to keep your teeth clean. Milk, cheese, chicken and nuts provide nutrients that repair your dental enamel and foods exist that whiten teeth. Furthermore, reducing the consumption of sugar prevents tooth decay.
  • Superficial stains are generally caused by tea, coffee, wine or cigarettes, while the deepest stains are caused by medicines, injuries or infections. Depending on the type and degree of stains teeth whitening can obtain good results.

Aside from following these tips and oral care, aesthetic odontology can help you to obtain the smile you desire. Although most people think that this specialism only involves veneers teeth or teeth whitening, aesthetic odontology is much more than that. It encompasses orthodontic treatments, the repositioning of lost teeth, correcting the colour of teeth, etc.

The main objective of all dental treatments is to conserve and maintain the function of teeth in an optimum way, but combined with aesthetics. In fact, an attractive smile will help us to have greater confidence in ourselves.

Lastly, technological changes have been a key aspect, since by using software, it is possible to create Digital Design of your Smile, whereby, using high-quality photographs and videos, the patient can visually verify their processing and restoration process, and participate therein by helping the dentist to attain their objective of a desired smile. For professionals, it is an optimum tool that facilitates the diagnosis and it is also a much more efficient clinical process.


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