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Frequently asked questions

Requesting an appointment at one of our clinics is very easy.
Click on the “Online appointment” option that you will always find available in the web page heading. You can request an appointment as an insured party of Adeslas or as a guest if you are not an insured party.

Yes, it is necessary to request an appointment before attending an Adeslas Dental clinic. We recommend that you do so on this website or by telephone. As a last resort, you can request an appointment at the clinic in person.

Yes, can do so easily from our web page under the “Online appointment” > “Request an appointment as a guest” option, from where you can indicate the patient’s details and select the appointment that best adapts to your preferences.

Moreover, you can also request your appointment in person at any of our Adeslas Dental clinics.

If you are an insured party of Adeslas and you requested the appointment by identifying yourself as such, your appointments are stored in your Customer area, where you can consult, change and cancel them by accessing with your username and clicking on “My appointments”.

If you are not an insured party of Adeslas and you requested the appointment by filling in the guest form with your details, you must carry out this procedure by calling the dental appointment service on 900 22 99 22 or in person at the Adeslas Dental clinic.

Under the Data Protection Law, you can only see your appointments or the appointments that you have requested directly for third parties, whether they are beneficiaries or otherwise. Appointments of the beneficiaries made by telephone or in person at the clinic or that were requested directly by the beneficiaries are excluded.

We inform you that you can cancel your appointments by different channels:

– If you are an insured party and you have requested the appointment as an insured party through the appointment form, you can cancel your appointment from the “My appointments” > “Cancel” option in your Customer Area on the web page. According to the type of appointment, it will be cancelled automatically or sent to the department to carry out the procedure. You can also cancel an appointment by calling the dental appointment service on 900 22 99 22 or in person at the Adeslas Dental clinic.
– If you are not an insured party of Adeslas and/or you requested the appointment by accessing from the guest form, you can cancel your appointment by calling the dental appointment service on 900 22 99 22 or in person at the Adeslas Dental clinic.

Before requesting an appointment with a specialist (orthodontic appointment or an orthopantomography), it is necessary to make a “First appointment” with an odontologist to open your file and assess your case. After this first appointment, you can request another type of appointment.

The x-ray studies must be prescribed by an odontologist. If you do not have a prescription, you should request a “First appointment” with the General Odontology department so that an odontologist can confirm the optimum x-ray study for your case.

For legal reasons, the minor must be accompanied by at least one of their parents or legal guardians so that they can authorise the appointments or treatments required.

We recommend that you attend your appointment unaccompanied, except in the case of minors, dependent people or disabled people. We are counting on your collaboration.

The best thing is to make sure all data are updated. It will be enough that you close your browser and go back in again through the Adeslas Dental website.

To be able to deal with your emergency or odontological appointment, you must request an appointment by calling 900 229 922 and thereby assure that you comply with the COVID-19 safety measures. For further information, consult our Emergency page.

At all Adeslas Dental clinics, we have implemented disinfection, social distancing and protection measures, both with respect to employees and patients, with a protocol that guarantees your safety and that of all clinic employees with respect to COVID-19.
You can consult the Safety Protocol here: (

If you have symptoms such as a temperature or cough, you must stay at home, isolate in a separate room and contact the health services by calling your health centre or the telephone number provided by your autonomous community for COVID-19, which you can find on the official Health Ministry web page.

Before the day of your appointment, we will call you to remind you of your appointment, and you must indicate whether you have symptoms when we call you, to confirm your appointment or to make a new one.

During the Coronavirus health crisis, masks will be obligatory to prevent contagion. They must be used by all adults and children aged six upwards, in closed places and in open spaces in which the recommended two-metre distance rule cannot be guaranteed to prevent cases.

In the reminder call before your appointment, we inform you of our preference to pay by bank card or transfer beforehand, due to the COVID-19 safety protocols established, to therefore reduce the risk of contagion caused by handling cash.