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Dental insurance has extensive services included such as visits and check-ups, fluoridation and dental hygiene, among many others. In addition, dental treatments at competitive prices. You can check the coverage of the Adeslas Dental insurance through the Segurcaixa Adeslas website.


In addition, you have a wide availability of your own Dental Clinics where you can benefit from a high-quality personalized service. You can obtain more information at

Yes, by taking out dental insurance, you can access all basic services free of charge (check-ups, diagnostics tests, dental hygiene, etc.).

Furthermore, you will benefit from significant savings in dental treatments, and you can finance them in comfortable instalments should you need to.

The dental insurance policy includes extensive coverage, appointments and check-ups, dental treatments at competitive prices and an annual scale and polish.

Furthermore, you will have an extensive availability of own dental clinics at which you can benefit from a high-quality personalised service.

You can check the coverage of Dental Max and Dental Total insurance on our website. If you wish, you can also calculate the price of your dental insurance and provide your information so that one of our managers can contact you.

You can call 918863895 if you have questions about the insurance and to take out the policy. We will assist you as soon as possible.


Find the dental insurance’s features and prices through the page to calculate your dental insurance.

By taking out dental insurance, you will be entitled to a full dental check-up, which includes the appointment, all diagnostic tests required and one annual scale and polish free of charge.

If you are an insured party of Adeslas Dental, you can benefit from over 30 services at no additional cost, together with diagnoses and check-ups, an annual scale and polish (both arches), fluoridation sessions, occlusal sealants (per piece), gluing of crowns or bridges, pulp protection, etc.

3D x-ray, computerised axial tomographic (CAT), odontogram, orthopantomographic and implantological studies are also included, etc.

You can consult the characteristics and prices of the dental insurance policy on our calculate your dental insurance page.

If you wish, you can provide us with your details and one of our advisers will contact you.

Yes, the dental insurance policy has no qualifying period and you can access all dental services from the first day.

You can comfortably carry out your insurance dealings on the Segurcaixa Adeslas website, by accessing the “Customer area” > “Your insurance” > “Duplicate card”.

If you wish, you can also request a duplicate card by calling 900 50 50 40.

  • If you are a policyholder of an Adeslas Dental insurance policy, you can pay your unpaid receipts to continue enjoying the advantages of your insurance policy.
  • If you took out the insurance policy at one of our CaixaBank branches, you must attend one of our branches to manage this payment.
  • If you took out the policy at an Adeslas Dental clinic, branch or office, you can pay by bank card by calling us on 900 50 50 40.

If you wish to request the termination of your policy, you can call us on 900 50 50 40 and we will deal with your request.