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Frequently asked questions

The best cure for gingivitis is to maintain good oral hygiene and make frequent visits to the dentist.

The main problem affecting children is tooth decay. In this article we offer you information about how to prevent them.

They may also have gingivitis and malpositioned teeth.

It is the severest form of gum disease. It weakens the bone that holds the teeth and can even lead to tooth loss.

A dental emergency is deemed to be any injury that leads to pain or inflammation or the presence of an abscess.

Bruxism is an involuntary parafunction that leads to pain in the jaw, ears and head, and to problems in temporomandibular joints and the wearing down of teeth. It is dealt with by various professionals, such as maxillo-facial surgeons, odontologists and physiotherapists.

The first thing is to visit your dentist to assess the extension and seriousness and decide the best treatment to mend the tooth.

It is the excess production of saliva or hypersalivation that may be due to neurological diseases or anatomical anomalies of the mouth.