Smile design

Combines a variety of dental treatments to obtain your perfect smile

This treatment is for you if…

You want to perfect the design and aesthetics of your smile.

What does smile design involve?

A wide, dazzling and healthy smile is something beautiful. It is one of the first characteristics that we show to people around us and grants us security in our social interactions.

If we do not like the aesthetics of our smile or the aspect of our teeth, it is not necessary to hide it. There are a multitude of solutions that can help us to improve our smile aesthetics or design and, consequently, our oral health.

Smile design is a dental treatment planning tool which helps the odontologist to have an improved diagnostic vision of the existing problems to be dealt with. It is a tool that improves your smile and the foreseeability or communication between odontologists and their patients.

The treatment plan is based basically on an exhaustive analysis of the patient’s dental and facial proportions. Through the use of videos, photographs and temporary sketches, it is possible to gain a better idea of the relationship between lips, gums and teeth.

Types of smile design treatments

This treatment combines a variety of dental treatments that help patients to obtain an attractive symmetric smile. This type of discipline improves both our smile aesthetics and the function of teeth with personalised changes of image.

Smile design diagnoses and plans the different treatments required to correct a wide variety of existing dental, cosmetic and functional problems. The desired steps and outcome of a change of smile image will reflect the unique needs and personal objectives of each patient.

This type of treatment takes into account the unique age, gender and facial characteristics of each patient on personalising the image change plan.

This odontological discipline assesses the situation and different aspects of the teeth, designing a treatment plan that improves their appearance. What aspects are assessed?

  • The colour
  • The alignment
  • The symmetry
  • The relationship between teeth and gums
  • The dental function
  • The relationship of the teeth with the curve of the lips.

A personalised smile design plan may include, among many others, orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening, rehabilitation with dental crowns or veneers teeth, or even with dental implants and the treatment of gum contouring.

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Each case is different; hence it is important to assess all the aspects, discuss the objectives and recommend the treatment options that are most appropriate for each person.

The presence of discoloured, chipped or cracked teeth means that you are a good candidate for a change of smile aesthetics. Missing teeth can also be treated through this procedure. Both if you are seeking an improvement of certain teeth or of your whole mouth, you can undergo a treatment including the whole range of dental solutions required to obtain an optimal result. The price of smile design will vary depending on the procedures performed.

smile design

Benefits of smile design

All techniques and treatments related with smile design have experienced an extraordinary boom in recent times. It is an innovative concept of dental health, in which the aesthetic aspects have the same importance as the functional aspects. Technological progress has also ensured that they are rapid, effective, painless treatments adapted to the needs of each patient. For example, orthodontics have ceased to be a treatment exclusive to childhood and currently the repositioning of teeth can be improved at any stage of life.

The different smile design treatments directly boost the self-esteem and the confidence of people. Patients regain security and this has a repercussion on general well-being. But furthermore, it does not only have benefits on mood, rather their effects are positive in terms of improving dental health, in aspects such as hygiene, symmetry or proportionality.

Smile design: treatment duration and phases

Smile design involves an initial consultation in which the dentist will assess your dental history and discuss your current concerns. A series of tests and examinations will be conducted, which include x-rays, diagnostic photos, intraoral examination to detect possible problems such as tooth decay or gum disease and a bite assessment.

The duration of a smile design procedure will vary according to the necessary procedures chosen. Smile image changes are often divided into two stages:

  • The first stage involves the design itself of the treatment plan, for which it will be necessary to take oral photos to plan the necessary treatments. In certain cases, the so-called “mock up” can be used, which is no more than a sketch of the end result to be achieved so that the patient has an idea of the changes involved in the treatment.
  • The remaining dental work will be performed during the second stage, once the smile design approach is accepted. Depending on the treatment required to obtain the end result, the treatment will last more or less.
smile design

The treatment necessary to attain the objective adapt to the unique needs of every patient hence, the smile design price, as mentioned previously, will depend on the procedures that must be included in the global treatment. Once the procedures that best obtain the desired outcome have been determined, a personalised price list will be delivered.

Once the smile aesthetic treatment has been completed, so that the results are healthier and more lasting, care and oral hygiene habits in the home, and regular visits to the dentist, are essential.