10/09/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why have my gums gone black?

Keeping your gums in a good state is very important for our oral health and aesthetics, since their function is to keep teeth in ...
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09/06/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why may there be blood in my saliva?

One of the times that this may happen is when we brush and spit and we find blood-tinged saliva. The presence of blood in ...
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27/08/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Pregnancy risks: dry mouth symptom

Hormonal changes and increased water intake requirements during pregnancy can cause a dry mouth. A dry mouth is a very common symptom during pregnancy. ...
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11/07/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Do you snore a lot? Remedies to stop snoring

From an anatomical view, snoring is caused because the upper airways (nose and throat) are partially closed. Why do why snore? Our neck muscles relax when ...
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28/05/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Solutions for tooth decay and how to prevent it

Dental wear and tear is described as the progressive loss of the surface area of a tooth, due to actions other than tooth decay ...
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21/02/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Do stress and anxiety affect our teeth?

Stress may have a significant impact on all aspects of our life, but most people do not realise how it can also affect our ...
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17/01/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Seven tricks to strengthen teeth and gums

Our mouth has a series of elements to keep our teeth in good condition.The care of these barriers enables us to keep our teeth ...
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06/12/2018 | | admin_adeslas

How to improve the appearance of your smile?

Having a big attractive smile can do wonders. It is contagious and the mere fact of smiling, even if you feel sad, can lift ...
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29/11/2018 | | admin_adeslas

Tongue ulcers: how to cure them and what causes them

They are small superficial aphthae that appear on your mouth, especially on your tongue, and which often make eating and talking uncomfortable. The exact cause ...
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