10/09/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why have my gums gone black?

Keeping your gums in a good state is very important for our oral health and aesthetics, since their function is to keep teeth in ...
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23/06/2020 | | admin_adeslas

How long does a phlegmon last?

A gumboil is inflammation or swelling that appears on your face, extends under the skin and may cause a notable deformation. This inflammation of ...
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14/05/2020 | | admin_adeslas

Why have my gums gone purple?

Generally, gums are pink, but sometimes they develop black or dark brown marks or they may become redder or purple. Various things can cause ...
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06/06/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Stomatitis: types, causes and treatment

Stomatitis is the general term to describe an inflamed, painful mouth with mouth ulcers. It may alter a person’s ability to eat and drink.Stomatitis ...
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09/04/2019 | | admin_adeslas

Tooth pulp: definition and functions

What is dental pulp If you are reading this article, you will surely be asking - what is dental pulp? Well, dental pulp is soft ...
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Problems caused from grinding teeth

Most people clench their teeth now and then. Grinding your teeth occasionally does not cause harm, but when you do it regularly, it becomes ...
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29/11/2018 | | admin_adeslas

Tongue ulcers: how to cure them and what causes them

They are small superficial aphthae that appear on your mouth, especially on your tongue, and which often make eating and talking uncomfortable. The exact cause ...
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25/09/2018 | | admin_adeslas

Why do my gums bleed? Causes and remedies

Finding that some part of our body is bleeding may be disconcerting. One of the times that this may happen is when we brush ...
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07/08/2018 | | admin_adeslas

Causes, treatment and remedies of Halitosis

Halitosis or chronic bad breath is something that mint sweets, mouthwashes or a good brushing cannot resolve. Unlike “morning breath” or a strong smell ...
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